Take the time to check in on your own health...

When caring for someone else, it is easy to overlook your own health needs. Rushing around most of the time means it can be all too easy to forget to look at ways of keeping ourselves healthy and well. The Camden Carers Service Health Team is here to help and advise. The team has been holding a series of events focusing on:

  • Nutrition for you and your cared-for;
  • The benefits of physical activity;
  • Health screening sessions.
And don't forget - the next time you visit your GP ask to be registered as a carer!  For further information, please refer to the sidebar.

How cold can affect health...

Winter weather can be very bad for health, especially for people aged 65 or older, and people with long term conditions. Being cold can aggravate existing conditions and raise the risk of increased blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. However, there are lots of things you can do to help yourself and the person you care for to stay well this winter. Read more here.

Flu outbreaks in London hospitals

There have recently been flu outbreaks in London hospitals, the number of confirmed cases being higher than normal for this time of year. Although the sooner people have their annual flu vaccination the better, carers in London who haven’t already been vaccinated are still advised to have one and should speak to their pharmacist, contact their GP practice or visit for advice.
Please note, London pharmacies are also offering flu vaccinations to people who help to care, as well as main carers.

Choose the right NHS service

The NHS provides a range of services to help you get well. Choosing the service that can best treat your symptoms can help you get faster and better treatment – and also reduce pressure on services like A&E, so that they can help those most in need. 

  • Get advice from your pharmacist – Mild coughs and colds can become much worse in bad weather. The sooner you get advice from a pharmacist, the better.
  • Call 111 – If you need health advice quickly or aren’t sure where to go when you feel unwell, ring 111 (lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.
  • Visit a walk-in centre – Centres are usually run by nurses who can treat minor illnesses and injuries on the spot. 
  • Ask your GP – If you’ve got a more serious problem, you may need an appointment with your family doctor.
  • A&E in an emergency – Only ring 999 or go to A&E if it’s a medical emergency. For example, if someone’s life is in danger. 

STOP PRESS: Don't let the flu get the better of you!

The flu season is well upon us and main carers for elderly or disabled people (and/or in receipt of Carer’s Allowance) are eligible for a FREE vaccination*, to help protect both them and the person they care for. There are two ways to get a free jab: either ask your GP or pop into your local pharmacy and tell them you are a carer and want to be vaccinated.

*Other categories of carers may be eligible for a free jab or for a small charge. For more information visit the ‘flu jab’ page at or ‘Flu jabs for carers’ at Carers can also discuss queries with GPs/pharmacists, or with the Camden Carers’ Health Team – ring 020 7428 8950.

Saturday GP appointments in Camden 

All Camden patients can request a Saturday GP or nurse appointment at one of three locations in the borough. The service is aimed at people who find it difficult to visit their GP surgery during normal opening hours. It is funded by Camden CCG and delivered by the Camden GP Federation (Haverstock Healthcare). Patients make an appointment in the usual way through their own GP surgery. If an appointment is available and appropriate, it will be booked between 9am and 1pm at one of three locations:

  • South Camden Centre for Health, Euston
  • West Hampstead Medical Centre
  • Hampstead Group Practice.