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CARING FOR EACH OTHER - by Sushi  & her mum Polly

Please check back for new stories from carers. We have many carers who have come to us, not really understanding what a carer is. They do not know there is support out there to help them. Many think they have to care alone, struggle alone. We are helping them to realize that caring is a community effort. That people do care. That they are not having to care alone. That we will help them care, by caring for them.

We are telling them that they are important too. We are showing them that there is a life for them. A life with fun, with friends, with education, with work. A life that is more balanced alongside their role as a carer.

Yes they are a carer, but they are their own person too. Their supportive role should not define them, it is only one part of who they are. We want to help them achieve their potential, to see their worth and to know they deserve support.

The stories they have chosen to share, reflect their sometimes difficult journeys, but also show that their caring roles are with love and dedication.

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