If you had £100 to test an idea that could help connect your community and improve mental wellbeing what would that be..?

Someone had a good idea to hold an Ideas Picnic so we did!
The ideas flowed the more we ate and we have already brought our first idea to life in the form of an amazing London Bus Crawl, click here for a follow up of the day. 
The only rules being the start time and starting bus.  We set off on the 168 from Chalk Farm and ended up in West Norwood, with stops and adventures along the way.  All for the price of a day bus pass! This looks to be a more regular thing if people want to make it happen.  
You can read more about by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Our next ideas are already in the planning: A day retreat – a day of mindfulness and calm, click here to read the wonderful words about the day from Terry, and a messy outdoor pop up art session.  Watch this space!

We have been able to make this happen thanks to the passion of a number of carers and staff at Camden Carers Service working closely with Owls on their Street to Scale project – finding out from the community what would help their community and helping the community to realise their ideas and fly with them.  We are delighted to have become 1 of only 10 Street Enablers who have been given a maximum of £100 to spend per idea over the next few months and then to really see what worked, what impact the ideas have had in our community for individuals and groups and look at how we as a community roll some of these ideas out on an ongoing basis

So this is where all of you come in.   We think many of you who haven’t been involved to date will have some great ideas to share.  Ideas which could change the way we think, feel and act towards each other.  The only criteria being:

1) Simple
2) Costs up to £100
3) Quick and easy
4) Repeatable

All I ask is that you email me: [email protected]
with ideas/thoughts/expressions of interest for getting involved and we can take it from there

Bus Crawl

The Bus Crawl was the outcome of our Idea's meeting, it is the first Idea which was put into action.

Green fingers

Volunteer to work alongside Terry, a local elderly resident who volunteers his time to tend to the central round garden here at CCS.
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