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Carers Conversations

Formally known as Carers Assessments

A Carers Conversation is an opportunity to create a space to talk about you.
It is about helping you identify what you need to support your caring role.

During the Conversation, you will be able to discuss your caring role and paint a picture of how it affects different areas of your life. The aim is to help you access the support you need – this could be practical, emotional and/or financial e.g. help towards funding a break from your caring role, support getting back into work and/or access to counselling services.

In Camden, if the person you care for is already working with a social worker, you can ask them to do a Carers Conversation with you.  If there isn’t a social worker, or would prefer someone else to do the Conversation with you, Camden Carers is very happy to help you.


If you would like more information about Carer's Conversations, please either phone 020 7428 8950
or email

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