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Financial Support


Each case will be evaluated individually, and if all other available options have been explored, one of the following might be offered on a temporary basis:

  •  24-hour home care 

  •  travel costs of a friend or relative who will take over the care 

  •  increase in current day centre provision

  •  day home-care provision – new referral or temporary increase

  •  payment for the carer to go away from the family home – fares to visit friends or family for a break, or a short stay in a hotel, or carer respite provision.


Referrals can be made by a professional or by carers themselves.
For more information please call 020 7428 8950 or email



We work closely with Welfare Benefits experts from
Mary Ward Legal Centre.   

Some of the main issues that are dealt with at the
centre are:

  • Benefit challenges/disputes/tribunals

  • Attendance Allowance, DLA and PIP applications
    and super cessions (ie: when there is a change of circumstance)

  • Housing benefit claims which have been refused
    Please note:

  • The clinic cannot assist with new ESA claims but
    can provide support around disputes 

  • The clinic cannot assist with Carers Allowance
    forms unless with PIP or DLA forms.

If you need any financial advise or support, please call
0207 428 8950 or email

Please allow as much time as possible for us to support
you with your query.

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What is urgent need?

‘Urgent need’ is where action is required to prevent a situation worsening or harm developing, for example
when a carer: 

  •  has a health crisis or a medical or dental emergency 

  •  is on the point of collapse or exhaustion

  •  has a family emergency – death, accident, etc. 

  •  a household emergency, such as flood or power failure

  •  sudden, unexpected change in the cared-for’s condition or situation.

(Planned events or appointments do not qualify, e.g. planned admission to hospital; outpatients appointments; holidays or social events; on-going difficult situations.)


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