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Health and Lifestyle Consultations

When caring for someone else, it is easy to overlook your own health needs. Rushing around most of
the time means it can be all too easy to forget to look at ways of keeping ourselves healthy and well. Camden Carers health support staff are here to help and regularly hold health and lifestyle
consultations (HLCs) which give carers the space and time to focus on their own health and wellbeing
and access any services which may be helpful.

If a particular need is identified, we can refer you into specialist services such as our in-house
counselling service or one to one appointments with a nutrition practitioner.

All carers registered with Camden Carers are offered a
FREE Health & Lifestyle Consultation.

Our health and lifestyle consultations (HLCs) are an opportunity
for you to have the space and time to think about your own wellbeing
so that you can continue in your caring role for as long as possible.

We offer:

  • Blood Pressure checks
    Body Composition Analysis

  • Referrals and signposting to nutrition, exercise and counselling

  • services within Camden Carers and across the Borough 


We can help you set a health goal and offer up to 3-months
follow up care to help motivate and inspire you to achieve your goal.


Health and Nutrition Guides


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Portion Size


Height Waist Ratio


Exercise at Home


Mind Apples

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