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Poems by Carers

Unforgettable Hazel Eyes


Carmen - beloved and much missed mother.
God remembered your name on 14th November 2016, at the age of 98 years young.
Twelve months since have passed.
At first I heard you calling my name no less than five times.
Then on the 13th January 2017 Levertons organised your funeral service.
I saw the shiny wooden box that housed you for the last time, adorned with flowers including
the pink carnations that you loved.
At ACU medic centre where you last closed your eyes peacefully, when you slept forever,
I sent a pot of poinsettias, another flower you liked.
At home I miss your presence so I have several photographs of your beautiful warm smile.
A smile that cheered up your nine brothers and sisters and your mum Delores who adored
you as well.
As a child your favourite site was to be at the top of a tree from where you could see all
those who were searching for you.
You loved your dogs and often kept them company under the porch of your house where
various bugs and insects loved too! The hens my granny kept were your first love.
Often you would go in the coup and help them hatch an egg often too early!
Days before departing you would recall their names.
You were educated by French nuns in Mexico for whom you would draw a skull in chalk on
the wooden school chairs, the nuns would then have the print on the habit ensuing mayhem
as the whole class laughed on seeing this. L' enfant terrible is what they would call you.
From young you made an impression on all. At school each week there would be a school
report with green representing the worst of which you would bury on the way home in the
When asked for the report you would say you were not given one. Mischievous
unforgettable you with those hazel eyes.
You learned to roast beef Canadian style to make chicken coca cola, stuffed trout with
almonds and baked apple pies, giving sustenance to all.
A star I have named for you in the heavens. Each night I gaze up to the sky to say thank you
for your hard work and help, whilst saying good night.
We all love you and miss you deeply every hour of every day and night, forever more.

Carmen beloved mother much missed. 

- Almendra McBride. 13th November 2017.

Thanks to Paul, Camden Carers creative writing teacher.

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