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What is a Corner Kick Bet? How to Play

Corner kick betting, also known as Corners, is a type of wagering popular among sports bettors for its excitement and effectiveness in football betting. In this article, wintips will help you understand corner kick bets, including their notable advantages, the most common types of corner kick betting analysis, and effective corner kick betting strategies.

What is the Concept of a Corner Kick Bet?

A corner kick bet, or Corners, is a type of wager placed in online sports betting. When betting on corner kicks, you don't need to focus on the number of goals scored; instead, you're concerned with the number of corner kicks awarded during the entire match.

Corner kick betting is a form of online betting that many players participate in.

Corner kick betting is a form of online betting that many players participate in.

With this type of betting, you can choose to wager on various aspects, such as corner kick handicaps, odd or even corner kicks, over/under corner kicks, which team will be awarded the first corner kick, and which team will have the last corner kick. The odds for winning bets are determined for each football match.

While not the most common type of bet, corner kick betting can bring luck to bettors. All you need is to understand how to calculate statistics and have experience in analyzing corner kick bets, which can lead to a fairly high success rate.

Why Choose Corner Kick Betting?

As mentioned above, corner kick betting may not be the most common type of bet, but with the right approach, you can achieve victories.

Moreover, choosing corner kick betting offers several benefits:

In every match, teams often face situations where they need to take corner kicks to resolve dangerous situations, so there's a considerable chance of winning corner kick bets.

Throughout the match, teams will continuously have opportunities for shots on goal or corner kicks. This provides players with many betting opportunities.

Compared to some other types of bets, corner kick betting doesn't require players to have extensive experience in football or bet analysis. You just need to grasp some basic information about the teams, players, and match to make informed decisions.

You can place bets before the match starts or during the match, with bookmaker 100 frequently updating information to help you make accurate decisions.

Some Common Types of Corner Kick Betting Analysis

Similar to many other types of football betting, players can choose suitable corner kick bets to increase their chances of winning in each match.


1. Over/Under Betting

Over/Under betting is a prominent type of corner kick betting that attracts many participants. In this form, bookmakers provide a specific number of corner kicks for each half or the entire match, and players choose whether the actual number of corner kicks will be higher or lower than the specified amount.

To bet accurately, you need to understand information about over/under betting and how to interpret the odds. If you plan to bet, it's advisable to skip the first 10 minutes of the match since there are very few goals scored during this time.

2. Handicap Corner Betting

In this form of corner kick betting, bookmakers offer handicap odds depending on the strength of the participating teams. Players choose which team will have more corner kicks than the handicap set to determine the outcome of the bet.

Similar to handicap score betting, handicap corner betting shares many similarities. Players need to pay attention to the number of corner kicks in each match. With this form of betting, players can bet on the first half, second half, or the entire match.

In this form, bookmakers offer handicap odds depending on the strength of the participating teams

In this form, free bookmaker bets offer handicap odds depending on the strength of the participating teams

3. Number of Corner Kicks

Players must predict which team will be awarded corner kicks in various situations throughout the match. This is not a simple task, and newcomers should avoid participating in this type of betting.


Corner kick betting offers a unique and exciting way to engage in football betting. By understanding the different types of corner kick bets and implementing effective betting strategies, players can increase their chances of success and enjoy a thrilling betting experience.


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